As the only generalist IT club at Murdoch University, the Murdoch IT Society is comprised of students from a wide range of subdisciplines within the field of technology. We pride ourselves in offering an academic environment for such diverse, yet like-minded individuals to share, collaborate, and assist each other in our personal projects and studies. At present, this environment is largely delivered through the utilisation of a Discord server – though we are working hard to shape MITS into a dynamic and welcoming on-campus presence. This expansion is being achieved through the hosting of events such as:

  • Game Jams
  • Hackathons
  • Quiz Nights
  • Meetups
  • Keynote Presentations
  • And many more exciting events to come!

During the growth of our community, our Discord server has developed an atmosphere that provides a supportive, fun, and vibrant location to engage with your fellow students at Murdoch. We are in full support of what our community has achieved, and are encouraging the development of our Discord culture through the creation of MITS-themed stickers – which are available for purchase on this website’s storefront.

Join our Discord today to see what MITS has to offer!


Meet the Committee

Our Committee members keep MITS ticking, responsible for community management, event organisation and idea realisation:

The Executive Committee members are the leaders of MITS who help us achieve our objectives. They fulfill roles defined in our constitution and are privy to the majority of MITS’ HR tasks.

The Executive Committee is supported by members of a subcommittee who provide input on club decisions and act as representatives for each of the University year groups, graduates, and the IT industry as a whole.

Executive Committee


Matthew Davis


I enjoy solving problems and approaching things systematically, which usually involves overengineering things for “fun”. Beyond studying, my spare time is used working on personal projects (programming mostly).

Kye Horbury

Vice President

I am a C# shill, but don’t mind getting down and dirty with C++. I love linker errors and UML diagrams.

Alistair Berry


Cyber Security and Networking nerd, I spend most of my time playing chess and video games instead of studying but I’m always willing to help people that need it.

Caedon Kloosterman


I’m a committed student with a passion for networking and IT. When I’m not studying, I’m usually finding other ways to be involved with tech.

Sub Committee

First Year Representatives
James Morgan
Niamh Wilson

Second Year Representatives
Kevin Schmidlin
Lleyton van Sambeeck

Third Year Representatives
Jack Collins
Kiera Gibson

Post-Grad Representatives
Jean Iwanyk

Industry Representatives
Alexander Roe
Peter Crabbe